My Sharp: Keeping Technology Support Simple

Discover Sharp's most innovative platform for individually tailored product support and training. Introducing My Sharp, your personal companion website for product orientation and demonstrations. To help you get the return on your technology investment, My Sharp features helpful demonstrations about using the scan, copy, print and fax capabilities found on your Sharp office products as well as using related software solutions and replacement of supplies. Tailored just for you, we customize each My Sharp website to reflect the Sharp products in your office and to suit your individual business needs--and when your business needs evolve, My Sharp provides the flexibility to grow with your business.

Built with Macromedia® Flash™ technology and advanced database management, My Sharp is a browser-based technology that easily integrates into your office network. With fully customizable features, network-friendly technology and easy-to-use demonstrations, My Sharp is highly responsive to your everyday business needs.

My Sharp website customization includes:

  • Personalized Websites and Email Links: Two default links are provided on each site for direct access to your Sharp Dealer's home page and to the email address of your Sharp Sales Specialist. We will customize two additional direct links to your favorite website and to any email address on the Internet. This feature, for example, can be configured to give you easy access to immediate support such as ordering supplies, your company's home page, or to the email address of your office support center.

  • Personalized Greeting: Your personal My Sharp home page welcomes you by name.

  • Customized by Model: We will custom build the site to reflect some or all products in your office. You decide which models you want. Individual sites can be created to support models found in different departments such as a color model used in the graphics department or the MFP model for the Accounting department.

  • Customized by Category: Categories for product features such as Printing, Copying, Faxing, Scanning, Imager Home Page and Supplies may be offered based on each product model. We will customize the site to include some or all categories that suit your workflow.

  • Customized by Demonstrations: Tailored to the skill level of an individual or a group of users, My Sharp demonstrations cover a broad range of product features from basic fundamentals such as Changing Paper to more advanced features such as Email Destination Management.

  • User-Friendly Demonstrations: Demonstrations are presented with straightforward instructions and in everyday language, offering high-level support in an easy-to-use format. Demonstrations are immediately available for viewing as a flash file, with or without audio. You can also view, print or email a PDF version of the demonstration directly from the site.

Easy as 1-2-3

Once your site is set up, using the site is as easy as 1-2-3. Choose the model, category and demonstration--with just three clicks of the mouse, My Sharp offers you the immediate benefits of technology solutions. My Sharp helps you harness leading-edge technology in your office and keeps technology support simple.